Instructions Grapid SmartTag2 Bike Mount

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Before we start:

  • Please check the scope of delivery. If a component is missing, please contact us at
  • Scope of delivery: 2x plastic shells (upper and lower half), 2x safety screws stainless steel short, 2x safety screws stainless steel long, suitable bit for safety screws



Step 1: Inserting the Samsung SmartTag

  • Don't have a Samsung SmartTag2 yet? Order directly here:
  • Take your Samsung SmartTag2 out of the packaging and carefully remove the protective film. The protective film will protrude into the battery compartment, from then on your SmartTag2 will work.
  • Place your Samsung SmartTag2 in one of the two plastic trays. It is not important which side is on top and which is on the bottom.



Step 2: Close the two halves

  • Now you can close the two halves and press them together


Step 3: Mount on the bike

  • The GRAPID SmartTag2 mount can now be fitted to the bike
  • Please disassemble all bottle cages, bike lock mounts etc. first, so that the mounting point is available
  • Included are a total of four stainless steel screws in two different lengths. Please use the short screws if you only want to use the GRAPID SmartTag2 bike mount. If you still want to attach a bottle cage or other accessories above the SMartTag2 bike mount, please use the longer screws
  • Use the included bit to hand tighten the screws. Once the gap between the top and bottom halves is closed at the edges, the screws have been tightened firmly enough.
  • ATTENTION: Tightening the screws too tight can cause damage to the component.


Step 4: Connect the Samsung SmartTag2 to your cell phone

  • Bring your smartphone close to the SmartTag2 bike mount (very close for the connection)
  • Connect your cell phone to your Samsung SmartTag