Instructions Grapid AirTag Bike Mount

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Before we start:

  • Please check the scope of delivery. If a component is missing, please contact us at
  • Scope of delivery: 2x plastic shells (upper and lower half), 2x safety screws stainless steel short, 2x safety screws stainless steel long, 2x protection pad AirTag, suitable bit for safety screws


Step 1: Attaching the protective pads

  • Take the two plastic parts out of the package
  • Attach the two self-adhesive pads as centrally as possible in the two plastic parts (see photo):

Schutzpads GRAPID AirTag Fahrradhalterung


Step 2: Inserting the Apple AirTag

  • You don't have an Apple AirTag yet? Order it directly here:
  • Take your Apple AirTag out of the packaging and carefully remove the protective foil. The protective foil sticks out into the battery compartment, when you pull it out there, you will hear a welcoming sound.
  • Place your Apple AirTag in one of the two plastic trays. Which side is up and which side is down is not important.
  • Now everything should look like the photo:

GRAPID AirTag Fahrradhalterung


Step 3: Close the two halves

  • Now you can close the two halves and press them together.
  • ATTENTION: It is normal and intended that the two halves do not close 100% at the edges. Only in the middle should the two halves already lie completely on top of each other. At the ends, the closing takes place only when the two halves are screwed to the bike. This provides the best possible seal against splashing water (see photo):

GRAPID AirTag Fahrradhalterung


Step 4: Mount on the bike

  • Now the GRAPID AirTag mount can be mounted on the bike
  • Please disassemble all bottle cages, bike lock mounts etc. first, so that the mounting point is available
  • Included are a total of four stainless steel screws in two different lengths. Please use the short screws if you only want to use the GRAPID AirTag bike mount. If you still want to attach a bottle cage or other accessories above the AirTag bike mount, please use the longer screws
  • Use the included bit to hand tighten the screws. Once the gap between the top and bottom halves is closed at the edges, the screws have been tightened firmly enough.
  • ATTENTION: Tightening the screws too tight can cause damage to the component.


Step 5: Connect Apple AirTag to your iPhone

  • Bring your iPhone close to the AirTag bike mount (very close for connecting)
  • Follow the instructions on the screen of your iPhone (video tutorial: